In this course you’ll learn why it's important to be clear on how to stand out from the crowd and how to use your skills and accomplishments to do so.

Dread the question "Why should we hire you?"

Well, we're going to help you change that. Infact, this course will have you leaning in to answer that question in every interview.

Let us help you get strategic on what you want and how your skills and accomplishments can help employers see exactly what you have to offer as a job candidate.

Before working with Sue & Verity, I was underselling myself, wasting time on the wrong job interviews and not getting offers.

Six weeks after my career launch coaching, I got 3 offers and a new job as a predictive data modeller

Arezoo Abdolahi, Computer Scientist



Why Hire You Intro

How to Stand Out from the Crowd

In this course you'll learn

  • Why it's important to identify your skills and accomplishments
  • How and where to find them
  • How to frame them to your best advantage

➕ Plenty of examples to kick start you compiling your own skills and accomplishments

➕ A downloadable workbook for you to keep and complete

🎉 That's over $100 of content for just $19.99! 🎉